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How many people have access to the internet? Are they mostly young people or mostly old people? What impact does the internet have on their lives? What about people who don’t WANT to use the internet?

Helen Milner, CEO of UK Online, has pulled together some basic facts and figures to help us understand who uses the internet, who has access to it and, more importantly, who doesn’t. She also suggests some of the ways that people may be disadvantaged by not having access.  (more…)


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A tool to make Facebook more accessible to visually impaired users has been created by Project:Possibility, a group of not-for-profit software developers in the US. The application, which can be found at http://fastlink.headstar.com/pp2 allows visually impaired users to log in, navigate and use the site by combining screen reader technology with other coding techniques. (more…)

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I’m working with Helen Snashell and Nigel Parrish at Isle of Wight Rural Community Council to help them recruit more volunteers with IT skills. I had a great meeting with them yesterday to plan a campaign for the new year, supported by Anne Stafford from IT4Communities, which has access to a UK-wide network of thousands of IT professionals looking for volunteering opportunities.

The link between local and national resources can be a very powerful one and I hope this work on the Island can build a mutually-beneficial model that can be replicated elsewhere, to support both local delivery and the excellent work of specialist national agencies such as IT4C. (more…)

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Digital Unite is the organisation behind the annual Silver Surfer Day, which helps promote the use of computers and the web by older people. They’re now running a workshop in November to show voluntary and community organisations how they can help their clients and communities to bridge the digital divide.


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