I came across this quote on a discussion thread on Slashdot about whether to use Raiser’s Edge or Salesforce.com for managing fundraising tasks. It was posted on a discussion forum for techies, but it captures an approach to software procurement that may help non-IT-literate managers and trustees when you’re grappling with too much jargon and a blizzard of techie-talk.

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iHobo is a controversial new fundraising tool in the form of an iPhone App that reflects the growing use of the internet on mobile phones. It is being used to raise awareness and generate funds for Depaul UK, a charity that helps young people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged. It offers a glimpse into the life of a young homeless person and asks you to help them to decide what to do and how to survive. It is breaking new ground as a new generation of fundraising tools but it is also creating a storm of controversy as people say it is patronising and compares homeless people to Tamagotchi. Continue Reading »

A new research report shows that the passwords used by the average computer user are so weak that it would take a hacker just 17 minutes to break into 1000 accounts. In a survey of one network the top password in use was ‘123456’, chosen by over 290,000 users. Second most popular? ‘12345’. So how strong are your passwords and what are the best tips for generating them? Continue Reading »

If you don’t have a proper backup plan you are vulnerable when disaster strikes, whether you spill coffee in your laptop or burn down the office. February is Backup Month at US-based TechSoup, and they’re kicking off with an excellent article that offers an up to date view of what should you be backing up and how should you do it.

It offers a simple, mostly non-technical guide that covers a range of issues including Home Computers and Handheld Devices, Website, Internal Data, Email and even Bookmarks. Take a look at the article now  to help you review your current plans.

Your NonProfit’s Backup Strategy.

Young people between 14 and 19 aintereste din a career in the media are invited to apply to be part of Channel 4’s Inspiration Week South 2010, which will run in April.

South West Screen | Channel 4’s Inspiration Week South.

The Washington Post has published a report that compares the value of using email as a core fundraising strategy rather than social networks such as Facebook. Although there is still a case for using such sites to raise awareness of your cause the income generated on Facebook was reportedly dwarfed by the fundraising from email campaigns and other tried-and-true methods.

I found this story on FrogLoop, a blog about nonprofit online marketing which you can find at www.frogloop.com/wpost

The bad weather last week gave me a chance to have a go at running an online learning session to replace a 90 minute slot about social media I was due to deliver at a meeting in London. Given a day’s notice I had nine people join me in as I ran though a presentation and demonstrated how I use Twitter. It seemed to be well received and I’ll running more in future, as a way of reducing costs and offering insight into specific topics.When the meeting was cancelled on Wednesday I did some rapid investigation into possible solutions and used Webex, from a shortlist of three or four which I will continue to evaluate. I could share a Powerpoint presentation and individual applications on my computer, whilst learners logged onto a specific website and either dialed in on a free teleconference line or used their webcam.

We had some significant technical problems at the beginning – including a really nasty noise – probably feedback – and at least three other people were bounced off and couldn’t join the event. But once it was up and running we worked through the materials, chatted via text and voice and one or two of us could be seen scratching our noses on our webcams.

Feedback after the event confirmed that most people found the session very useful. Four people filled in a online survey of which 3 said they’d recommend the sesson to other people (the other person said Maybe). They also suggested other topics for future events and I’d welcome your thoughts on how this sort of learning session could be useful to you – use the comments box below to add your thoughts or email me to be kept informed of similar events in future.