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If you don’t have a proper backup plan you are vulnerable when disaster strikes, whether you spill coffee in your laptop or burn down the office. February is Backup Month at US-based TechSoup, and they’re kicking off with an excellent article that offers an up to date view of what should you be backing up and how should you do it.

It offers a simple, mostly non-technical guide that covers a range of issues including Home Computers and Handheld Devices, Website, Internal Data, Email and even Bookmarks. Take a look at the article now  to help you review your current plans.

Your NonProfit’s Backup Strategy.


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You may be wondering how to strike the balance between giving your team the freedom to make the most of new social media whilst still retaining an appropriate degree of control. The potential benefits may be obvious but there are plenty of horror stories about dodgy posts on Facebook to give pause for thought. The newly published Online Database of Social Media Policies is a great way to learn from other organisations that are grappling with this dilemma.


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